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Incorporated in 2005 Dreamwalker Dance Company is a charitable non-profit organization that facilitates the creation, production, and sharing of art that explores and interprets the human experience so that artists and audiences alike can connect, awaken and be empowered. Our projects and activities strengthen connections between culturally diverse and multigenerational artists and audiences, with artistic excellence at the core of our practices, activities, and repertoire. Dreamwalker Dance Company fosters and celebrates inclusivity and is a bridge between how we live and how we feel.


Dreamwalker’s vision can be summed up in three words: engage, exchange, experience.

Our collaborative work opens doors within ourselves and between each other.  Our repertoire raises issues of humanity and the choices that people make. We are dedicated to offering diverse individuals a safe place to explore, discover, and be challenged by actively seeking opportunities to convene, communicate and to co-create experiences with and beyond words, through the languages of our whole bodies.  By moving together we explore what it is to be human.

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